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  Shane Johnson  

Shane Johnson was born in Cork in 1964.


He studied at the Crawford School of Art, Cork and College of Marketing and Design, Dublin, specialising in Visual Communications.


After a short spell in the commercial world, he began his career as a painter by combining his illustrative style with inspiration from his native County Cork to create paintings of the West Cork coast and landscape, using a designer's strong sense of composition, a quirky style of drawing, and a bold, intense use of colour. 


His first exhibition launched him as an artist who became known for capturing the distinct atmosphere of towns, villages and landmarks in this area, paying attention to the smallest details and idiosyncracies which are special to a particular place. This talent also led to him becoming known for taking on commissions, as customers wanted the artist's own take on their favourite subjects.

Shane went on to exhibit in Dublin and London, as well as keeping a strong following in Cork. His inspiration is now found in landscapes, seascapes and urban scenes around all of Ireland, and sometimes abroad. He paints with acrylics on canvas, in a very broad range of sizes, supplying a small number of galleries on an ongoing basis, working towards occasional solo exhibitions, and taking on commissions, ranging from small paintings for private individuals to large scale corporate jobs.

Shane lives in Dublin, and works from a studio at his home in the city.

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