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Marian Sweetman

Marian Sweetman is an Irish artist. She studied in the Crawford College of Art, the Vrije Academie Psychopolis of den Hague in Holland, University College Cork and she also has a Masters Degree from the University of Limerick.


Her fibre art is informed and inspired by the sea and the sky, as well as weathered forms and textures found in our Atlantic coastal landscape.


The purpose of her work is to communicate the beauty of nature.

She tries to capture the essence of the different aspects of the seashore; the effects of time, lights, water, and wind on its surfaces as well as underwater forms.


These sources fire her imagination, moving her beyond realism and into creating atmospheric seascapes and shores capes using natural fibres such as wool, silk and handmade paper.

She uses felting, dyeing, and paper making techniques to create these original, unique pieces.

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