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Kira O'Brien

Kira O Brien is originally from Dublin but lives and practices in Cork .

She has exhibited here in Ireland, and abroad in Switzerland, Italy and the United States. She also has private collections in Australia, U.S, Europe and Japan.

Her work has a sculptural yet functional element to it and encompasses a sense of traditional ceramic techniques. Within this tradition is the art of storytelling and symbolism which evoke sentiment and nostalgia, but also a sense of our present environment. This environment is pyschological and therefore each piece points to emotions within the narrative.


The structure and physical aspect of her work is a lidded box form, wall platters and functional ware which for the most part are slab built, moulded and hand-carved. She occasionally uses the potters wheel for throwing ware and using as a tool for extra detailing. 

Sgraffitto is her chosen ceramic technique currently. A selection of drawings also accompany her work and are an intrinsic part of what she creates in clay. 

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