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  June Matthews  

June Matthews was born on the Isle of Wight, UK, and came to live in Ireland at the age of eight. She qualified as a teacher from Trinity College, Dublin.

From an early age she loved drawing and painting. Whilst teaching, she attended several art courses run by Kenneth Webb and Gretta O Brien and also attended the Crawford School of Art in Cork.


She enjoyed the teaching of art in its many aspects and inspired many of her pupils. She was appointed principal of Rockboro School, Cork, in 1989. Under her influence, high standards of art were achieved in the school.


Since she left Rockboro School, June has become a full time artist. Her oil paintings consist of seascapes, landscapes and semi abstracts. Her knowledge and control of the use of subtle colour is reflected in her work.

June has displayed her work in many exhibitions, including The Munster Fine Arts, The Crawford Gallery, The Cork Arts Society Group and many other galleries throughout the country.

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