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Sharon McCarthy

Sharon McCarthy works from her studio in Ovens, Co. Cork. Colour is the big incentive in her work from the time of subject choice to finishing a picture. She loves introducing new colours to paintings and likes experimenting with strong contrast colours and complimentary colours.


Concept is important - on starting a new painting she thinks about her concept first, i.e. colours used, mood, tones, values and shapes and this is how she draws out the feeling from her paintings.


A loose style painting is what she likes most and she mainly works using painting knives in a fast and energetic movement to create a painting with a raw, textured meaningful style.


Sharon allows her palette knife to capture what she sees and feels, to produce a painting with a heart beat. Irish landscapes and seacapes are fast moving and this is how there is high energy in her Irish paintings. Her woodland paintings are inspired from her past where she grew up in Bandon surrounded by woods and wild flowers which has a huge influence on Sharon's work. 

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