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Aine Farrell

Aine Farrell is an Irish artist living in Cobh, Co. Cork. 


Aine has over 15 years experience of working in the community, both facilitating and engaging with a broad spectrum of individuals and groups. 


She has also developed her own practice working in both the Ceramics and Encaustic medium.

Her vision is to create snapshots of the beauty that surrounds us all in our ever-changing natural world.

Each landscape invites the viewer to search for elements that are familiar to them, evoking an emotion, a mood or a memory.


She loves the idea of working with such natural products, beeswax from Dingle in Co. Kerry, mixing this with resin found in deciduous trees from as far away as East Indies.

The physical process of encaustic painting excites her. Fusing together each layer of molten pigmented beeswax, carefully manipulating, constantly flowing and always evolving. 


She is presently at a shared studio space at the National Sculpture Factory, Cork, to create her work.

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